W. R. Bank Library – 1970


Mr. O.J. Baker - Librarian
Mr. O.J. Baker – Librarian

 Mrs. Gazelle Boothe
Mrs. Gazelle Boothe
Assistant Reference Librarian
 Mrs. Mrs. Bobbie Coleman
Mrs. Bobbie Coleman
Curator in Special Collections
 Mrs. Clara M.Davis
Mrs. Clara M. Davis
Assistant in Circulation
 Mr. Frank Francis
Mr. Frank Francis
Assistant Librarian
 Mrs. Naomi P. Thomas
Mrs. Naomi P. Thomas
Acquisitions Librarian
Mr. Sam Peters
Mr. Sam Peters
Reference Assistant

 Unidentified student studying at the W.R. Banks Library - 1970

 Unidentified student studying at the W.R. Banks Library – 1970

Note: Not all Library staff member pictures may be included above. 

Source PVAMU Pantherland 1970 Year book

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