• Leona

Student Name:                 Leona

Major:                                Computer Information Systems

Degree Pursuing:             Master’s

Country:                            Nigeria

IA:    How did you hear about PVAMU and why did you choose to come to PVAMU?

Leona:    My brother’s friend recommended PVAMU to me when I inquired where I could transition from a BSc Statistics to Computing; he recommended Prairie View A&M University. I did my research and was impressed by the history of PVAMU with its 140-year history; that fascinated me.   Prairie View A&M University, the first state supported College in Texas for African Americans, is just impressive. I am glad that I am part of its legacy. I applied for the MSc Computer Information Systems and got admitted.

IA:    What’s your plan after graduation/departure from PVAMU?

Leona:    My plan is to graduate and start a nonprofit organization named “Teachers without borders.”  This is a program that is close to my heart.  The program will obtain volunteers to encourage women in northern Nigeria to pursue a career in the field of Information Technology. 

IA:    What’s your most memorable experience in the U.S.?

Leona:    The most memorable experience I had was when I visited Johnson Space Center. I got to see the Saturn V rocket (it was huge). It was the best experience!!!

IA:    What do you miss the most about your home country?

Leona:    I miss my friends and the predictable weather. The seasons were rainy and a dry season respectively.

IA:    What’s your favorite food from your home country? Please explain what it is.

Leona:    I miss “Kosei and Koko”. “Kosei” which is also known as “Akara” is made from beans that’s blended and fried. “Kosei” is served with “Koko” which is made from millet and spiced with ginger and sweet potato. This can be prepared at home but the catch is most of us prefer to buy from a person that sells it along the road because you get to see your neighbors, colleagues or just strangers and have small talk. It’s a nice form of breakfast. I think of it and smile!