Praveen Rao

  • Praveen

Name:                     Praveen Rao

Major:                     Engineering

Degree Pursuing:  Master’s

Country:                  India


IA:    How do you hear about PVAMU and why did you choose to come to PVAMU?

Praveen:    The Internet is the first source by which I came to know about PVAMU. Then I inquired of my friends and came to know a lot of information. Many people said PVAMU has strict adherence of PRODUCING PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE. When I started researching, I was quite impressed with its decades of faith and hard work towards the PVAMU founding principles of TEACHING, RESEARCH AND SERVICE. By visiting the official PVAMU website, I figured out that the University is providing the best for its students in all aspects by providing expert faculty and staff and enormous learning resources. Moreover, PVAMU is known for its 140 years of excellence and has a historical background that is built for a great human race that put all their efforts in building great societies. All these reasons made me believe strongly that PVAMU can emboss me into a professional and now I feel very grateful for being a part of PVAMU.

IA:    What’s your plan after graduation/departure from PVAMU?

Praveen:    PVAMU taught me the best skills by which I can uphold a very good professional job and lead my life happily, but my soul desire is to work for public interest. So I decided to become a politician and serve my people by uplifting them in social, economic, cultural and moral empowerment. After coming to the United States, I understood the beauty of the educational system especially from PVAMU. I came to know the essence of education and how it moralizes and socializes the people. So I decided to introduce good educational policies when I become an elected representative. PVAMU showed its impact on me to believe education is the only remedy to adopt for civilization of societies.

IA:    What’s your most memorable experience in the U.S.?

Praveen:    One fine day I went to the grocery store to pick up all the stuff I needed.  When presented with the bill, I noticed that I left my valet (wallet) in the car. I requested them to wait a minute and rushed to the car.  When I came back, they replied your bill has been paid; you can take your things. Surprisingly, I learned that the lady behind me paid my $10 bill and left the store. I was really touched with that situation. I am from a different nation, a different ethnicity and have nothing related to her.  Yet, she helped me without expecting even a thanks from me. I love the United States.  It has shown me the way to live happily. That lady not only donated $10 but also taught me a lesson of HUMANITY.

IA:    What do you miss the most about your home country?

Praveen:    From day one to now, I never felt I am really missing something. It may be because the process of learning gave me that avidity that kept me mostly from feeling that I am missing home, I think! In case I have to mention what I miss, it would be my sister, parents and friends.

IA:    What’s your favorite food from your home country? Please mention what it is.

Praveen:    My favorite food from my home country is TOOR DAL CURRY with RICE. Ingredients for this recipe is toor dal, onion, green chilies, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafetida powder, turmeric powder, fresh curry leaves, coriander leaves, ginger and garlic paste and tomatoes. It is very easy to cook. You can find that Indian families cook this meal at least twice a week. The dish has a special quality than all of the other very delicious dishes in my country.  You can find toor dal curry in a poor man’s house and a multi billionaire’s house – made the same in color and taste. It is easily available, easy to cook and easy to serve.  It has good proportions of carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, calcium and iron. You will be really surprised to know that the hike in prices of toor dal brings a bad remark to the Governments. That is how popular toor dal is in my country.