• Derin


Student Name:                 Olawale “Derin”

Major:                                Computer Science

Degree Pursuing:             Master’s

Country:                            Nigeria


IA:          How do you hear about PVAMU and why did you choose to come to PVAMU?

Derin:        I learned about Prairie View from my friend Clement , we were both new students at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. After the first part of the semester, we both wanted to do better, so we started searching for schools to transfer to. He told me about Prairie View after talking to his friends who were students here. We applied, and both got admitted.

IA:          What’s your plan after graduation/departure from PVAMU?

Derin:        After graduation, I plan on working in the states for a few years, become well rounded as a software developer helping create new technologies, then I will think of what I want to do long term. I plan on starting a company that will rival the tech giants in Nigeria, so, getting the knowledge and experience will help drive that ambition.

IA:          What’s your most memorable experience in the U.S.?

Derin:        I have had lots of memorable experiences in the U.S, but my most memorable experience would be when I volunteered as a mentor in Harrisburg, PA in 2015. I came in contact with a man named Reginald Guy, and he was able to get the city involved with our program. Although I went there as a mentor, I left Harrisburg a mentee after observing Mr. Guy’s selflessness and his passion to serve. He showed me that being a part of something bigger is the best way to leave my legacy.

IA:          What do you miss the most about your home country?

Derin:        Off the bat, the noise! I’m a Lagosian, and you would have to work extra hard to escape the noise of the city. I miss the ability to be able to take long leisurely walks for hours as everyone around me raced towards or away from something. And I do miss my family; I guess when I think about it deeply, what I’ll say I miss the most would be the city and the streets and how everyone was involved in everyone else’s business.

IA:          What’s your favorite food from your home country? Please mention what it is.

Derin:        I love Edika-Ikong soup, I am not sure about the origins, but I know it is made mostly by the Calabar people in Nigeria. It is a cooked vegetable soup with a mix of meat, fish, and other ingredients the chef desires to add. Needless to say, I cannot make it, so, if anyone knows how, help a brother out! It’s been a few years.