Workday has launched at Prairie View A&M University! We have replaced various legacy mainframe payroll and human resource systems with one unified system called Workday.

Workday is available via SSO login.

Prairie View A&M University will benefit from Workday’s intuitive, web-based applications with self-service and mobile capabilities. Workday is designed to work the way we work today and will help create a more nimble, process and data driven organization.

What is Workday?

What is Workday?

Workday is a new generation of cloud-based applications that service human resources, payroll, and financial needs for organizations. Many Universities are adopting Workday because of its ease of use, the flexibility the system provides, low cost of ownership, focus on providing functionality specific to higher education, and the collaborative nature of the functionality design process. Visit TAMUS Workday YouTube for a various navigation videos.

Workday has a modern interface and delivers services over the Internet. Workday stores everything in the cloud, eliminating the need to store and protect data locally. While we cannot customize the software to be unique to the University, Workday has many options to reflect our preferred business processes and functionality.

Workday also provides us the opportunity to work collaboratively with other higher education clients to develop functionality to suit the unique needs of higher education. This means Workday allows the flexibility and room to grow.


Benefits of Workday

Benefits of Workday

  • Workday offers 24/7 access to information over a secure network.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Software and data are delivered to users over the Internet. There is no local installation of hardware or software.
  • Functionality offers employee and manager self-service, enabling staff to update or access their information privately from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Data Protection in the Cloud:  The Workday Way

Protecting and securing our customers’ data is fundamentally important to Workday. Privacy and security at Workday are not add-on features; they are embedded in our service and business model. All Workday customers are always on the same version of our software. This enhances our ability to innovate and our ability to protect our customers’ data. We can respond to security threats quickly by pushing security updates to our entire customer base and ensuring common data handling standards. We also operate on a unified security model. This includes user access, system integration, reporting, mobile device, and IT access.

We’re committed to key security and privacy concepts that promote a secure, safe regulated environment:

  • Our customers own and control their data. We only use customer data to operate our service and don’t monetize the data. Each customer determines what data to enter and configures the applications to best safeguard their data and can configure business processes to further safeguard the privacy of personal data.
  • Data is encrypted when it is in transit and at rest in our persistent data store. Workday encrypts every attribute value in the application before it is stored in the database. This is a fundamental design characteristic of the Workday technology. All customer data in the persistent layer is encrypted and accessed only by the application server.
  • We are transparent about where and how customer data is processed. We provide customers with visibility to our security and privacy controls through third-party audits (SOC-1 and SOC-2), through ISO (27001 and 27018), Safe Harbor and TRUSTe Enterprise certifications, as well as our Customer Audit Program.

If you have questions about Workday please contact:

Workday Project Coordinator
Radhika Ayyar | | 936-261-1721

Workday Change Champion
Euletha Wade | | 936-261-1922

Workday HR Lead
Bill Rohrman Jr | | 936-261-1794

intranet logo for hr
  1. PVAMU Employees, visit
  2. Click Login to PVPlace
  3. Login using PVAMU username/password
  4. Click ‘Intranet’ on the left menu
  5. Under Featured Sites on the right, click Human Resources

If any questions exist, or we can provide assistance with Workday-related Human Resources concerns, please email us at