Time Traq

TimeTraq is a web-based timesheet entry application that is integrated with TAMUS’ LeaveTraq, Canopy, and BPP applications.  TimeTraq provides an easy-to-use method for employees and managers to enter, submit, and approve timesheets electronically.

Access to TimeTraq is controlled by the system offices and the component’s payroll department.  TimeTraq is access through the TAMUS Single Sign On application (SSO) at https://sso.tamus.edu

TimeTraq route timesheets for approval through the following roles:

  • Employees
  • Manager
  • Department Administrator
  • Department Approval
  • Central Administrator
  • Payroll Approvers


  • Enter time on-line, from any computer with Internet access
  • When completed, employees submit timesheet for manager(s) approval
  • Employees can view timesheet from previous pay period on-line.


  • Approve employees’ timesheet using “inbox”
  • Can reject a timesheet to an employee for correction
  • Enter and submit timesheets on behalf of an employee
  • In absence, managers can nominate delegates to enter and approve their employee’s timesheets

Department Administrators

  • Oversee the timesheet process and make sure all employee’s timesheets get submitted and approved
  • Review timesheets, run time-related reports, and generally verify accuracy of the department’s payroll
  • Set up employees’ job settings, including:
    • Approving managers
    • Work and holiday schedules

Department Approvers

  • Sign off of the department’s payroll “signature authority” and are responsible for its accuracy

Central Administrator

  • Set up the departments to use TimeTraq, including:
    • Adloc Rules
    • Work and Holiday Schedules
    • Assigning Departments Administrators and Approvers
  • General oversight responsibilities over the component’s payroll process as a whole

Payroll Approvers

  • Responsible for submitting the entire component’s payroll to BPP

Payroll Process Overview

  • Timesheets are available the Tuesday before the pay period begins
  • Employees enter and submit timesheets (biweekly pay schedule)
  • Managers approve timesheets
  • Close of business Thursdays, all individual timesheets should be complete by the departments
  • Department Approvers submits the department’s timesheets to Payroll
  • Payroll approver submits component’s timesheets to BPP