All employees at Prairie View A&M University are entitled to earn leave on a monthly basis. The University offers various paid and unpaid leave programs, such as Sick and Vacation Leave, Sick Leave Pool, Family Medical Leave (FMLA), and Military Leave, just to name a few.

The University Leave Administrator is available to assist employees with their leave questions or concerns if their departmental Leave Coordinator is unavailable to assist them. The Leave Administrator can be contacted via email at leaveteam@pvamu.edu or by telephone at (936) 261-1730.

While employees are entitled to use their leave, a request for any type of leave must be submitted and approved in advance. This can be done through the University’s LeaveTraq System, which is accessible through the Single Sign On program.

Leave Types

The A&M System provides many types of leaves to regular employees (those budgeted for at least 50% time for at least 41/2 months, except students employed in positions that require student status as a condition for employment).

  • Holidays
  • Vacation
  • Sick Leave
  • Sick Leave Pool
  • Leave of Absence With and Without Pay
  • FMLA

Eligible employees on paid status for at least part of a month earn vacation and sick leave hours on the first day of that month. The hours are credited to an employee’s leave balance and are available to the employee only after the employee reports to work.

Employees on leave without pay for an entire calendar month do not accrue vacation and sick leave for that month. Employees must apply for leave using the Leave Traq System.



Eligible employees are entitled to vacation and should be allowed to take it when requested as long as the timing does not unduly disrupt the department’s function. However, an employee must have six months of continuous state service in either the present position or a previous state position, including a student employee position, before he/she can take vacation. Supervisors may require employees to use their accrued FLSA compensatory time, if any, before using vacation. System Policy 31.03.01. Leave requests are made through the Leave Traq system which is accessed through Single Sign-On.

Accrual & Maximum carry-forward

The amount of accrued vacation employees may carry over to a new fiscal year is limited based on years of service. No exceptions to these carryover limits are allowed. Eligible part-time employees earn and carry over amounts proportional to percent effort. The information below is for eligible full-time employees:

Total State Service Vacation Earned each Month Max. Carryover to Next Fiscal Year
Less than 2 years 8 hours  180 hours
2 – 4 years 9 hours 244 hours
5 – 9 years 10 hours 268 hours
10 – 14 years 11 hours 292 hours
15 – 19 years 13 hours 340 hours
20 – 24 years 15 hours 388 hours
25 – 29 years 17 hours 436 hours
30 – 34 years 19 hours 484 hours
35 or more years 21 hours 532 hours


Sick Leave

If you work full-time, you the employee will earn eight hours of sick leave each month.  You earn a proportional amount if you work at least half-time. Eligible part-time employees earn sick leave based on the percentage of time worked. The amount of sick leave that may be accrued and carried over to the next year is unlimited. System Policy 31.03.02. Leave requests are made through the Leave Traq system which is accessed through Single Sign-On.

  • Employees may use up to eight hours of sick leave (Educational Activities) each fiscal year to attend parent-teacher conferences concerning their pre-kindergarten to 12th grade children.
  • If employees or members of their immediate family become ill while on vacation, the time the employee or family member are ill should be reclassified as sick leave. Generally, a physician’s statement is not required if the period reclassified is three consecutive work days or less.
  • New parents eligible for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may take up to twelve (12) weeks, for the birth of a natural child or the adoption or foster care placement of a child younger than three (3) years. An employee who is not eligible for FMLA leave is entitled to a parental leave of absence, not to exceed twelve (12) weeks, for the birth of a natural child or the adoption or foster care placement of a child younger than three (3) years. This period begins with the date of birth or the date of the adoption or foster care placement.
  • When an employee is absent for more than three (3) consecutive working days, a Medical Certification form or a physician’s statement that indicates the cause or nature of the illness and the estimated recovery date, or a comparable written statement of the facts concerning the illness from the practitioner will be required upon his/her return to work.

Sick Leave Pool

The Sick Leave Pool was designated by the Texas Legislature for catastrophic illness or injury (System Policy 31.06.01). The maximum amount an employee can receive from the Sick Leave Pool is 720 hours per illness. Leave requests are made through the Leave Traq system which is accessed through Single Sign-On.

Privacy Notice: State law requires that you be informed that you are entitled to: (1) request to be informed about the information collected about yourself on this form (with a few exceptions as provided by law); (2) receive and review that information; and, (3) have the information corrected at no charge. To request this information, contact leaveteam@pvamu.edu or (936) 261-1730.


To be eligible the employee or a member of his or her family must be suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury. A catastrophic illness or injury is a severe condition or combination of conditions affecting physical or mental health and which requires treatment by a licensed practitioner for a prolonged period and forces the employee to exhaust all leave time earned and therefore results in the loss of compensation from the State. A severe condition or combination of conditions is one that will:

  1. Result in death if not treated promptly, or
  2. Requires hospitalization for more than 72 consecutive hours, or
  3. Causes a person to be legally declared a danger to him/herself or others.
Note: Pregnancy and elective service are not considered severe conditions except when life-threatening complications arise from them.  Application Requirements An employee is eligible to apply for the Sick Leave Pool when all of the following conditions are satisfied:
  1. The employee or employee’s immediate family has a severe condition or combination of conditions that requires the prolonged care of a licensed practitioner.
  2. The employee has exhausted all paid leave time including compensatory time.
  3. The employee has met or anticipates meeting the 80 hour requirement.
  4. The employee has not exhausted the maximum amount of Sick Leave Pool allowed per catastrophic  illness or injury.
  5. The employee’s condition is not an on-the-job injury covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Application Procedure

  1. The employee or immediate family member of the employee will contact the Office of Human Resources.
  2. The department will contact the Office of Human Resources if the employee is unable to do so themselves.
  3. The Office of Human Resources will forward all the necessary paperwork to the employee:
  4. The employee will then be responsible for submitting a physicians statement by their doctor on a monthly basis for the continuance of the sick leave pool (if approved).
  5. The employee will be responsible for submitting a Medical Certification Form by each treating physician and every two months afterward.

Granting Sick Leave Pool

  1. The Office of Human Resources Sick Leave Pool Committee will review the completed Medical Certification Form.
  2. The Committee will determine if additional Medical Certification forms are needed to make a decision.
  3. The Committee will review the Medical Certification form to see if the employee has met all of the criteria:Non Catastrophic – Employee only granted time they have donated. Catastrophic – Employee will be granted time on a monthly basis.
  4. The Committee will decide if a second opinion is needed to make a determination based on the information supplied.
  5. The number of hours will be granted on a monthly basis.
  6. Once a determination has been made, the department will receive a courtesy call/email. The call/email provides the opportunity for a question and answer session, if desired, concerning the case.
  7. The Sick Leave pool approval letter (or denial letter, if appropriate) is sent to the employee with copies to the Department Head and the departmental leave administrator. Upon approval sick leave pool begins.
  8. The entire application process is completed within three to five working days after the Sick Leave pool administrator receives the completed paperwork.

Awaiting a Sick Leave Pool Decision Employees who have exhausted all accrued and available leave time must be placed on Leave Without Pay pending the decision of Sick Leave Pool. In other words, employees are not allowed to carry a negative leave balance. departments are responsible for placing the employee on Leave Without Pay when it becomes necessary, by completing a form 500 (EPA Document).

Withdrawal from Sick Leave Pool

  1. Employees who are awarded Sick Leave Pool are eligible for up to 720 hours or 1/3 of the Sick Leave Pool balance, whichever is less. Part-time employees who are awarded Sick Leave Pool are eligible for an amount of hours that is proportionate to their appointment.
  2. Employees will be awarded Sick Leave Pool on a monthly basis.
  3. Employees awarded time from the Sick Leave Pool must submit their documents in the Leave Traq System.
  4. The employees awarded time will receive a paycheck in the same manner as when receiving Sick Leave.

Leave of Absence With Pay

A regular employee is eligible for leaves of absence with pay. While on leave with pay, an employee will continue to receive regular salary and benefits and will continue to accrue vacation, sick leave and state service credit. System Policy 31.03.03.

Emergency Leaves

  • Death of a Family Member – Emergency leave will be granted upon request because of death of the employee’s spouse, or the employee’s spouse’s child, parent, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild.
  • Unsafe Working or Travel Conditions – When an office or work site closes because of hazardous conditions or unsafe travel conditions, the employees scheduled to work will be granted emergency leave for the time the work site is closed.
  • Emergency Evacuation Order – If an emergency evacuation order is issued by state or local government, each employee scheduled to work should be granted emergency leave for the duration of the order.
  • Other Circumstances – Employee must show good cause for the leave and have exhausted all accumulated vacation and compensatory time.

Foster Parents Employee who is a foster parent to a child under the conservatorship of the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services is entitled to a leave of absence with pay to attend Department of Protective and Regulatory Services meetings or school district  Admission, Review and Dismissal meetings regarding the foster child.

Jury Service Employee will be granted a leave of absence with pay for jury service.

Volunteer Firefighters & Emergency Medical Services Volunteers An employee who is a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical services volunteer will be granted leave of absence with pay of up to five working days each fiscal year to attend training schools conducted by state agencies or institutions of higher education.

Disabled Employees An employee with a disability is entitled to a leave of absence with pay for up to 10 working days in a fiscal year to be trained in the use of an assistance dog. An employee with a disability is one who has a mental or physical disability, including mental retardation, deafness, hearing/speech/visual impairment or health impairment that requires special ambulatory devices or services.

American Red Cross Disaster Service Volunteers An employee who is a certified disaster service volunteer of the American Red Cross or who is in training to become a volunteer may be granted up to 10 days of paid leave each fiscal year to participate in specialized disaster relief services.

Administrative Leave An employee may receive administrative leave with pay as a reward for outstanding performance documented in writing by an employee performance appraisal done in the last 12 months.

Organ, Bone Marrow or Blood Donors An employee will be granted up to 5 working days in a fiscal year to serve as a bone marrow donor or up to 30 working days in a fiscal year to serve as an organ donor. Documentation must be provided by the employee. An employee will be granted up to 4 times each fiscal year to donate blood. Approval must be obtained from the supervisor prior to taking time off and upon returning to work, the employee must provide proof of the blood donation.

Voting An employee will be allowed sufficient time off to vote in national, state and local elections.

Faculty Development Leave A faculty member is eligible by reason of service to be considered for a faculty development leave when he/she has served as a member of the faculty of the same institution of higher education for at least two consecutive academic years. More details in System Policy 12.99.01.

Leave of Absence Without Pay

Leave without pay is available for employees who have exhausted their accumulated paid leave and require time off for medical reasons, unpaid military leave or other approved reasons. Leave requests must be submitted through LeaveTraq, which can be accessed through Single Sign-On.

Employee Responsibilities

  1. Employees who have exhausted all of their paid leave are required to submit additional required leave as leave without pay in the Leave Traq system.
  2. Exempt employees will need to sign a Payroll Adjustment Form completed by their manager or department to ensure they are paid correctly.  Non-exempt employees pay will be adjusted via timesheets submitted in Time Traq.
  3. Should an employee need to be placed in a leave without pay status for disciplinary purposes, the employee will receive a letter from the manager stating the purpose and the duration.
  4. Employees on leave without pay status for disciplinary reasons should submit the leave documents in the Leave Traq system as leave without pay for disciplinary reasons.
  5. Exempt employees will need to sign a Payroll Adjustment form completed by their manager or department to ensure they are paid correctly.  Non-exempt employees pay will be adjusted via timesheets submitted in Time Traq.
  6. Departments are required to complete an EPA on an employee who will be on a leave without pay status for a month or longer.
  7. Employees on an extended leave without pay (1 month or longer) are still required to submit leave in the Leave Traq system.

System Policy 31.03.04

Family Medical Leave Act

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law which came into effect in 1993. It requires that employees are granted up to 12 weeks of FMLA job-protected leave per fiscal year, for specific medical reasons. FMLA may be granted at any time but it does not mean that it will be automatically approved or that the employee is eligible for FMLA leave.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must have worked for the employer for a total of 12 months;
  2. Must have worked at least 1,250 hours over the previous 12 months
  3. Must complete and turn in FMLA Application

** Prior state service counts. Time military members spend deployed count.

Reasons for FMLA

  1. Birth and care of the eligible employee’s child, placement for adoption or foster care of a child with the employee.
  2. Care of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent) who has a serious health condition.
  3. Care of the employee’s own serious health condition.

** “Serious Condition

  • Inpatient care (i.e., an overnight stay) in a hospital, hospice, etc.
  • Continuing treatment by a health care provider.

FMLA and the Armed Forces

  1. Qualifying exigency leave – Up to 12 weeks of leave when the service member is on active duty or has been notified of a call/order to active duty.
  2. Military caregiver leave – Up to 26 weeks of leave to care for an injured service member (Only FMLA that is not based on fiscal year. Year begins the first day the employee is on leave and extends 12 months out).

Using FMLA

  1. All available sick and vacation must be used concurrently.
  2. Holidays (with the exception of Christmas break) will be counted toward FMLA time.
  3. Employees may use compensatory time but are not required to.
  4. FMLA can be used intermittently or as a lump sum. Intermittent leave is defined as taking leave in separate blocks
    of time but for the same qualified reason. An example would be taking a half day every Monday for two months
    to receive medical treatment for an ongoing illness.

FMLA and Insurance

While in a paid status, insurance premiums will be continued to be deducted from the employee’s paycheck. If the employee is in a leave without pay status he/she must contact the Office of Human Resources (936-261-1730) or Benefitsteam@pvamu.edu to set up payment arrangements.

FMLA Deadlines

  1. When an employee requests FMLA leave or when PVAMU acquires knowledge that an employee’s leave may be for an FMLA qualifying reason, PVAMU must provide written notice to the employee within five (5) business days, regarding the employee’s FMLA eligibility. If PVAMU requires additional information to determine FMLA eligibility, the employee must be notified in writing and provided seven (7) calendar days to provide the information. (Designation Notice)
  2. In addition to providing the eligibility notice referenced above, PVAMU must provide written notice detailing the specific expectations and obligations of the employee and explaining the consequences of failure to meet these obligations. (Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities).



Compensatory Time

For Further information, please contact the Payroll Office at 936-261-1922.


Prairie View A&M University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. Ms. Alexia Taylor, Title IX Coordinator, has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies.

Ms. Taylor can be reached at P.O. Box 519; MS 1100 A.I Thomas Bldg. Suite 102 Prairie View, Texas 77446 or by calling 936-261-2123.

For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/CFAPPS/OCR/contactus.cfm `for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.

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