Mighty Money

May Mighty Money Minute

Repaying Your Student Loans Will you be graduating soon? Or just taking some time away from school? You may have already completed an exit counseling session if you took out a federal loan for your education, but in this month’s Mighty Money Minute we’ll highlight some important loan repayment information to keep in mind as [...]

April Mighty Money Minute

Career Choices “What do you want to do when you graduate?” How many times have you heard that question? Do you know the answer yet? We’ll talk about making smart career choices in this month’s Mighty Money Minute.

March Might Money Minute

Lifestyle Goals? This month’s Mighty Money Minute is about making smart decisions when it comes to setting lifestyle goals. Have you thought about where you want to live after you leave college? Do you want to drive a new car, or will you make do with a used ride? It’s never too early to start [...]

February Might Money Minute

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY? This month’s Mighty Money Minute is about the importance of having an emergency savings fund. That’s a separate stash of cash to cover financial surprises, like unexpected car repairs, housing changes, or even just a lost textbook. Having a “rainy day” account is a like a safety net to [...]

January Might Money Minute

FOLLOW YOUR MONEY This month's Mighty Money Minute helps you kick off 2017 by giving your finances a fresh start. A smart and simple way to do this is to track where your money is going.

“So much cash . . . should I spend it all?”

So much cash . . . should I spend it all? (Hint: No. You should not.) Has this happened to you recently? Did anyone give you money for the holidays? Did your financial aid "refund" check arrive? Did you earn some extra overtime pay? Or are you due to get a tax refund? Woohoo! Time [...]

“Two years from now, I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree…”

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, we urge you to set your own worthwhile goals, and we're here to help... Step one, though, is to set your goal or goals. It's worth thinking things through so you can (a) get specific and (b) set a timeframe. "I'd like to get more education" is a wish. [...]