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    • Supplemental Instructors Needed. If you are interested in serving as a supplemental instructor, please contact Ms. Jasmine Murry at (936)261-9945 and email at

Student Life

Campus life is one of the many elements of success at PVAMU. It includes a broad range of programs and activities that enhance the social, cultural, recreational, and intellectual vitality of campus life. The school spirit and appreciation of diversity; integrate students’ personal, social, and academic development; and strengthen the overall quality of campus life and the sense of campus community and “neighborhoods.” The environment provides a secure, supportive, and fun campus. It is student-centered with student friendly services and facilities that strengthen the campus environment so that successful learning can occur. Additionally, activities, programs, and organizations are available to students to develop their talents, abilities, civic virtues, ethical principles, career awareness, and their physical, psychological, and emotional wellness

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