Temporary Disabilities

Can a person receive accommodations for Temporary Disabilities?

Persons with temporary disabling conditions (resulting from injury, surgery, or short-term medical conditions) are entitled to access services and accommodations similar to persons with permanent disabilities.  Please bring documentation and request to the office of Disability Services.  Possible accommodations for temporary disabilities is dependent on whether the disability is to the arm, hand, upper extremity, vision, or some physical capacity.  Typical accommodations for temporary disabilities may include:  note taking assistance, digital recorders, scribes for exams, and extended testing time.

Does Disability Services provide personal assistants?

The Office of Disability Services does not provide personal assistance or assistants to individuals such as building-to-building transportation or the transport of books or other personal items.  Wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices are considered personal devices and are not guaranteed or provided for long-term loan. Short-term loans may be available.