Ned Penley

Ned is the Program Planning and Control (PP&C) Manager for the Orion Program at NASA. He oversees the schedules, costs, assessments, funding, change management, document management, data integration, and export control for the Program. He has been with NASA for many years and worked on several programs including the International Space Station.

Ned Penley has ~27 years professional experience in aerospace systems. He worked NASA headquarters with Space Station Freedom research planning, and followed the program to Johnson Space Center in Houston TX where he worked in the International Space Station Program Payloads office as the manager of the Research Planning function. In this capacity the challenge was to plan and manifest the research bound for the ISS and implement allocations of resources such as power, upmass, crew-time etc to the ISS international partners for their research.

Ned was also a founding member of NASA’s Human Research Program, establishing their Program Integration Office and completing the first Human Research Integrated Research Plan. Ned then managed NASA’s Constellation Program Schedule, Cost Estimating, EVM and Assessments (SCEA) office. Most recently Ned serves as the Manager of the Orion Program Planning and Control (PP&C) office where he is responsible for implementation of the Orion strategic planning, budget management, program performance analysis, schedule management, configuration management, and export control. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics from Utah State University where he studied microgravity fluid dynamics.