Marketing, communications and information technology are vital components that bring life to the work we do in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences. Our unit of talented and productive staff members are responsible for raising awareness among all our stakeholders about the College’s unified tripartite of Academics, Research and Extension. We work diligently to recognize and communicate the value of our product including our community of competitive student minds, innovative laboratory studies or impactful outreach programming.

We welcome you to connect with us on many levels. Visit our social media sites, browse our webpages, attend our programs and join us for the numerous activities hosted right here on our campus. This is your College of Agriculture and Human Sciences and we are here to serve you.

Program Planning


  • Flyer Design: Do you have an event that needs to be promoted? A flyer is a great way to promote your event and drive audience. Let us design a flyer for you today. Use our Service Request form to do so.
  • Promotional Items: A great way to get the word out about the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences is through presenting a CAHS paraphernalia to any interested audience. We have items such as pencils, pens, bags, sanitizers, notebooks, etc.
  • CAHS Blogsite: Generating discussions through short articles is a way to get the word out about an event, program, research or subject matter. Blogs do that and can serve as online references and publications. Such short articles of about 300 to 400 words can be published onto the CAHS Blogsite and archived.
  • Surveys: We can generate surveys to analyze performance of an event or program or to collect feedback from attendees.


  • Press Release and Announcements: We can send out a written announcement formatted for media outlets of an upcoming event, inviting the public and media.
  • Campus Announcements: A great way to advertise your event or program is through Prairie View campus announcements. This is distributed to the entire campus every Tuesday and Thursday via email.
  • Proofreading and English/Spanish Translations: Our agents interact with diverse populace and may need to translate articles o you have a document that requires translation from English to Spanish or vice versa? How about an article for proofreading? We can make the necessary translations and proofreading.
  • Audio Production and Voiceover: We provide audio editing/producing and voiceovers for radio/TV broadcasts and presentations.
  • Video/Photography: Capture highlights of your event through video and photography. These may also be used to promote your event via social media and added to the CAHS gallery (video and photo) webpage or even the CAHS YouTube site.


  • Sponsorship Solicitations: We can generate documents to assist in acquire unrestricted or minimally restricted funds for an organization, event, broadcast, production or publication. Send us a 250-300 word description of purpose, including what the funds will be used for through our service request form.

Information Technology

  • Hardware Support: Desktop and laptop issues? Printer not working? We can provide support for devices provided by the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences.
  • Software Support: We also provide support for software purchased by the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences.
  • Hardware and Software Purchases: Do you need specific hardware or software to perform your task? We can procure the necessary devices and software that is approved by your supervisor.
  • Printing: These may include poster presentations, tri-fold brochures, informational booklets, flyer and factsheet, etc. Read our Terms of Service for service descriptions related to printing.


Request for Services

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