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The Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Ecology is geared to prepare students for the career of their dreams. For animal lovers, there’s an animal science program where our professors and research scientists will help you explore the study of animal genetics. With access to more than 700 acres of farmland right on campus, students will graduate with the hands-on experience needed to succeed. Nutrition, food science and dietetics is also covered and students who want to become park rangers, veterinarians, food inspectors, dietitians, government officials, business owners, county agents, fashion designers, ranchers and many other positions can get the education and experience they need.

Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Ecology

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Majors and Concentrations

Pre 2014 Core Curriculum Courses2014 Core Curriculum Courses

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Major: Agriculture) 

Animal Science and Food Sciences option

is appropriate for students who are passionate about the welfare of animals and careers upon completion of Veterinary, Medical or Graduate School. This option applies to the production management and distribution of livestock for food, fiber and recreation. As the world’s human population grows, so does the demand on resources like protein and nutrients. That demand creates a drive to seek solutions to a productive and sustainable animal agricultural system that a degree in animal science will provide.

Agribusiness option

will open many doors to an exciting and rewarding future introducing topics such as domestic and international food systems, global markets and international trade, analytical tools for business forecasting, production economics, and the economics of the life sciences.

Plant and Soil Sciences option

focuses on protecting and restoring the environment. Careers in both public and private sectors as laboratory technicians can be rewarding. In addition, jobs in natural resource inventory, land use planning and management offer a variety of interesting and challenging opportunities.

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (Major: Dietetics)

Registered Dietitian option

offers opportunities in a challenging biological field. In addition to nutritional sciences and food science, you will study bacteriology, physiology, chemistry and biochemistry. An interest in food science is important because it involves helping people select and obtain food to nourish improve and maintain healthy bodies. A dietitian usually works in a teaching or supervisory role, educating individuals or groups how to improve eating behavior. Many times they have the responsibility of hiring and training employees in food production as a food and nutrition manager. This option also assists individuals dealing with healthy choices to eradicate or eliminate their risk for chronic illness and disease.

Nutrition and Wellness option

addresses unmet needs in the health care field for individuals interested in serving as health educators. The knowledge and expertise gained by this option incorporates nutrition with physical activity, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Food Service Management option

is the application of science and engineering to the production, processing, distribution, and evaluation of food. Food scientists work to discover new food sources, develop new methods of food processing, develop futuristic foods for space travel, study chemical compositions of foods on the grocery shelf and unravel the complexities of a foodborne disease, or identify some of the chemical compounds responsible for a special flavor.

Master of Science in Human Sciences (Major: Human Sciences)

Marriage and Family Studies

is predicated on the needs of its target clientele to provide knowledge in an area that has a high impact on the overall well-being of couples, families and the community especially the underserved population that includes single parent families, underscored by a low rate of marriages and high rates of divorce. At the graduate level, the program provides a strong understanding of counseling principles and strategies to prepares students seeking licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist or a professional counselor in the state of Texas. Through practical instruction students also gain experience recognizing mental and emotional disorders and resolving marriage and family conflict related to divorce, child rearing and family structure.

Dietetics Internship Program

Requirements must be met for acceptance into the internship. Students who successfully complete the internship will be verified for eligibility to write the Registration Examination leading to credentialing as a registered dietitian (RD).

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