Additional Information

Date of Admission – April prior to the academic school year.

Length of Dietetic Internship Program: – 36 weeks – or 1240 hours (Fall and Spring Semesters).

Living Accommodations & Meals – Students are responsible for their own housing arrangements and meals.

Uniforms – Each Dietetic Intern will provide his/her own laboratory coat to be worn over appropriate business attire.

Transportation – Because the affiliated practice facilities are located throughout Houston & surrounding areas, each intern will need access to private transportation and must carry sufficient automobile insurance coverage for collision and liability. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS NOT AVAILABLE

Professional Liability Insurance – The University secures liability insurance for each student prior to the start of the internship.

Number of Dietetic Interns – 10 interns will be accepted each year.

Holidays – The Dietetic Internship program observes the University calendar for the following Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday); Christmas (2 weeks) and 1day Spring Break.

Work Responsibilities – The work-week is a minimum of 36 hours. There may be some weekend and evening assignments. Students are expected to utilize evenings and weekends to study or complete projects.

Scholarships – University scholarships are not available.

Association Membership – All Dietetic Interns are required to have membership in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

RD Eligibility – After successful completion of the Dietetic Internship program, students will be eligible for active membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and will be eligible to write the registration examination.

Prior learning – The internship does not consider prior learning experiences as a substitute for practice hours.

Availability of Financial Aid and Loan deferments – Students are eligible for financial aid and loan deferment. See financial aid information at