Dietetic Internship Completion

Completion Requirements

The nine month internship begins in August and ends in April for duration of nine months. The requirements below are needed to complete the program.

  1. Successful completion of rotations and supervised practice hours.
  2. Completion of HUSC 5326 and 5336 Practicum in Dietetics; and HUSC 5253 and 5353 Dietetics Seminar.
  3. Complete all projects and assignments.
  4. Complete pre-rotation and post-rotation examinations with each major rotation.
  5. Demonstrate and meet all the abilities and expectations below:
    • Candidates must be able to observe demonstrations and procedures in the patient care food service areas.
    • Candidate must be able to learn, analyze, synthesize, solve problems, and reach diagnostic, therapeutic, and administrative judgments.
    • Candidate must have sufficient use of the senses to perform clinical nutritional assessments or any food and nutrition service function.
    • Candidates must be able to relate reasonably to patients, health care professionals, and food and nutrition service staff and establish professional relationships with all groups.
    • Candidates are expected to be able to communicate the concepts of nutritional care to the patient and to his/her colleagues with accuracy, clarity, and efficiency.
    • Candidates are expected to display good judgment in the assessment and treatment of patients and management of food and nutrition service staff.
    • Candidates are expected to be able to accept criticism and respond by appropriate modification of behavior.
    • Candidates are expected to possess the perseverance, diligence, and consistency to complete the Dietetic Internship curriculum and enter dietetic practice as a professional.

* Students successfully completing all requirements will be issued a verification statement within one week of program completion.

Verification Statements

Verification statements are awarded only if all the following apply.

  1. Student has successfully completed all rotations.
  2. Student has taken the exit examination after successfully completing all rotations
  3. Student did not fail the same rotation twice.
  4. Student received a score of at least 80% on all major examinations.
  5. Student obtains a score of at least 80% on the exit examination.