Mission Statement

The CAHS is the primary advocate in the state of Texas for underserved and underrepresented populations and limited resource clientele. We are committed to academic excellence, promoting health and wellness, and enhancing economic opportunities through academia, research, education and farming. Agriculture and human sciences is the platform and landscape on which we thrive.

The CAHS has…

One Mission encompassing a 4-Prong Vision with 20 Goals and
48 Objectives leading 3 units in one direction for the next 5 years.

We will be a…

Student Magnet known around the nation as a Gateway to Opportunity
operating under a One College Concept delivering Community Outreach
that is Second to None.


Mission Directive 1

Create new opportunities and attract students with potential for building careers in the field of agriculture and human sciences to solve the major issues that face our society

Vision 1 – Student Magnet

The CAHS will lead and facilitate initiatives that establish PVAMU as a student magnet. The College will support and promote visible initiatives that differentiate PVAMU and capitalize on core strengths and resources in agriculture and human sciences.


  1. Proactively brand and establish agriculture and human sciences as sustainable and innovative careers of choice.
  2. Provide student resources that are conducive to student success.
  3. Maintain an instructional environment that expands utilization of technology.

Vision 2 – Gateway to Opportunity

The CAHS will lead and facilitate initiatives that establish PVAMU as the leading gateway to opportunities in the field of agriculture and human sciences.


  1. Design educational pathways to influence future student in college decisions.
  2. Provide programs supporting in STEAM careers and professional success.
  3. Foster and support leadership and professional career pathways

Community Service

Mission Directive 2

Advocate on behalf of limited resource clients that are disadvantaged and offer research based education to improve economics and sustained health.

Vision 3 – Infrastructure that Sets CAHS Apart (The One College Concept)

The CAHS will be the proactive visionary unit to build and maintain an organizational infrastructure that sets PVAMU apart, nationally and globally. We will strive to be the most attractive place to conduct cutting edge research and training programs, foster intellectual knowledge, and deliver relevant outreach.


  1. Incorporate representation from academics, research, extension and stakeholders in all programs and projects including grant proposals and development of curricula.
  2. Communicate the accomplishments of the CAHS through multi-media technology to our stakeholders at large.
  3. Create venues for faculty, researchers and extension personnel to increase visibility and credibility with our stakeholders at large.
  4. Provide opportunities for extension and research staff to engage students in their academic learning setting.
  5. Increase the CAHS visibility through opportunities for academics, research and extension staff to author national and international publications.
  6. Policies and procedures will be drafted to outline the goals of the “One College Concept” to clearly specify the objectives and accountability measures.

Vision 4 – Service the community with programs that position CAHS for state funding match and alternative funding sources

The CAHS will deliver quality-programming initiatives that enhance PVAMU as one of the top land-grant institutions in the nation for research, academics, and extension.


  1. Engage and foster relationships with agricultural and human sciences based corporations and organizations that can aid in program delivery, in-class training and service learning.
  2. Encourage community involvement, awareness and support.
  3. Utilize advocate group of clients, partners and alumni.
  4. Establish leadership in non-traditional training methods by using external relations and staff within CAHS.
  5. Provide research that directly affects and support community and farm needs.
  6. Lead in international relations by capitalizing on the diversity of the local community through program training.
  7. Encourage international cooperation that will allow for external support.
  8. Leverage the prestige of PVAMU legacy and network as a conduit for limited resource communities, businesses, students and alumni.

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