Aldine ISD teacher selected as the We Teach Texas Leadership Fellow for PVAMU

Texas A&M System fellowship grows local talent to lead local schools


Simone Jarmon is the Prairie View A&M University selection for the first-ever We Teach Texas Leadership Fellow Scholarship.

“Smart, dedicated teachers like Simone Jarmon are working hard every day to make our public schools a success,” Chancellor Sharp said. “The We Teach Texas Leadership Fellow Scholarship is how we can recognize and grow our own local talent.”

The idea behind the We Teach Texas Leadership Fellow Scholarship is simple: Find talented local teachers who are invested in their communities and groom them into academic and administrative leaders capable of guiding their local school districts to success, Chancellor Sharp said.

As a recipient of the We Teach Texas Leadership Fellow Scholarship, Simone Jarmon will pursue a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration from Prairie View A&M University. She will also attend the chancellor’s conference, participate in an advisory committee and be a positive advocate for education.

One recipient was selected for the We Teach Texas Leadership Fellow Scholarship from each of the 11 Texas A&M University System campuses across the state.

The new scholarship is part of an on-going effort by the Texas A&M University System to encourage more Texans to become teachers. That’s increasingly important as school districts across Texas are finding it harder and harder to hire qualified teachers, Sharp said.

Data from the Texas Education Agency shows Texas faces an increasingly tight supply of teachers. Since 2009, K through 12 student enrollment is up by 14 percent, while the number of teachers has risen by less than 9 percent. And in the past decade, Texas has seen a 14 percent drop in the number of initial teacher certifications.

“The need is clear and we are stepping up to meet it at each of the 11 education colleges in The Texas A&M University System,” Chancellor John Sharp said. “We Teach Texas, and if you want to be a teacher — or a top administrator — we can help you make that dream real. We are committed to your success.”

The Texas A&M University System is ranked No. 1 in Texas in the production of initial educator certificates.

The Texas A&M University System has been providing highly qualified teachers for Texas Schools for more than 100 years by encouraging consideration of teaching careers, growing the highest quality teacher and leadership programs, and providing ongoing quality support to boost retention in the field.