Computer Aided Engineering Design and Virtual Prototyping


Dr. Xiaobo Peng          TEL: (936) 261-9959                           Email:


Research Interest:
CAD/CAM/CAE, Product Design, Virtual Reality, Collaborative Engineering Design


Facilities at Collaborative Engineering Design and Virtual Reality Lab:

Virtual Reality Facilities:
  • Hardware
o       Two PHANToM Omini Haptic Devices
o       4 HP graphics workstations
  • Software
o       OpenHaptics Toolkit
o       Freeform Modeling system

Collaborative Engineering Design Facilities:
  • Hardware
o       Two High-end Sun servers (x2100)
o       Twenty Five High-end HP engineering workstations
o       Tandberg Video conference system
  • Software
o       Unigraphics NX3 (CAD)
o       Teamcenter Community 5.2 (Collaboration)
o       MAC. ADAMS, Altair. HyperWorks, and ANSYS (CAE)
o       Video and audio conferencing software


Research Activities:
Virtual Sculpting with Haptic Interface

The goal of this system is to enable interactive modeling in a virtual environment such that the user can focus on the design intent. An interactive modeling method as shown in Fig. 1 is implemented with VR hardware and software to allow the user creating and modifying 3D free-form object in an advanced virtual environment. The system’s stereo viewing, motion tracking and haptic interface capabilities provide a friendly environment where the user can create freeform objects in an intuitive manner similar to sculpting in a physical environment.


Figure 1. Schematic of virtual sculpting system

Selected Publications:
  • Zhang, W., Peng, X., and Leu, M.C., 2007, “A Novel Contour Generation Algorithm for Surface Reconstruction from Dexel Data,” Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, 7(3), pp. 203-210.

  • Peng, X., Zhang, W. and Leu, M.C., 2006, “Freeform Modeling using Swept Differential Equation with Haptic Interface,” Journal of Virtual and Physical Prototyping, 1(3), pp. 183 – 196.

  • Leu, M.C., Peng, X. and Zhang, W., 2005, “Surface Reconstruction for Interactive Modeling of Freeform Solids by Virtual Sculpting,” CIRP Annals, 54(1), pp. 131-134.

  • Peng, X. and Leu, M. C., 2005, “Engineering Applications of Virtual Reality,” Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, 3rd Edition, edited by Myer Kutz, John Wiley and Sons, pp. 732-761.

  • Peng, X. and Leu, M.C., 2004, “Interactive Solid Modeling in a Virtual Environment with Haptic Interface,” Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing, edited by Ong, S. K. and Nee, A. Y. C., Springer-Verlag London Limited, London, pp. 43-61.

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