Faculty Senate Mission

The Faculty Senate represents the teaching faculty in the university governance system. It monitors all topics of interest to faculty and attempts to assure that the faculty perspective is considered prior to decision-making on all important governance issues.

This broad charge, combined with specific Constitutional obligations to consider any recommendation submitted in writing by a faculty member, has led the Senate to take an interest in a variety of academic and policy issues. If you wish to bring any issue or concern to the Senate's attention, please free to contact a senator by clicking the "Senators" link above.


Compensation Study Update

The Senate provided critical feedback for the Request For Proposals (RFP) for the contract to conduct the compensation study that the Senate proposed in April, 2014.  View the Senate’s original proposal and its feedback for the RFP under “Recent Activities: Proposals to the President.”

Inquiry Regarding Administrative Hiring (Sept. 2014)

The Senate sent a letter of inquiry to the president regarding concerns about the hiring process for positions within the upper administration.  Find a more detailed account of these concerns under “Recent Activity: Motions & Resolutions.”

Equity Study (April, 2014)

The Senate proposed a comprehensive, external study of salary compression and gender equality among all faculty and staff salaries.  View the full proposal in “Recent Activity.”

University Academic Council (March, 2014)

The Senate proposed a full review of the membership policies and practices within the University Academic Council.  View the full proposal in “Recent Activity.”

Senate Elections (May 2014)

Prior to the May meeting, several colleges held elections for open Senate seats (for a summary of results, see the “Recent Activity” page); and during the May meeting, the Senate elected its slate of Executive Committee officers for the 2014-2015 session.  The Executive Committee officers are listed on the “Senate Committees” page.

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