Transfer Students

In-State Transfer Student Information

Students transferring from any Texas public institution must provide official transcripts showing their current TSI status.  Transfer students meeting a TSI requirement must have their status documented on an official transcript (Transferring grades in certain classes does not guarantee that the student has met the TSI requirement). Please note that developmental courses do not transfer into PVAMU. Transfer students who have not met all of the TSI requirements will be placed in the PVAMU developmental sequence based upon test scores provided until all TSI requirements are met.

Out-of-State Transfer Student Information

Students transferring from out-of-state are still liable for meeting the TSI testing requirement before enrollment can occur. Out-of-state transfer students can meet TSI requirements by transferring in a grade of C or better in the following courses (or institutional equivalent courses):

HIST 1313, 1323 (US History to 1876, US History 1876 to present);
POSC 1113, 1123 (American Government I, American Government II);
ENGL 2153 (Intro to Literature); or PSYC 1113 (General Psychology)
MATH 1113 (College Algebra) or higher
ENGL 1123 or 1133 (Freshman Composition I, Freshman Composition II)

Any students failing to meet all requirements must take one of the following placement tests in the appropriate subject area prior to enrollment. The following tests are accepted with passing scores:




TSI Assessment



5   Essay OR 4 Essay AND 340 Multiple Choice

Please contact the office of Testing, Tracking, Assessment & Evaluation at 936-261-3699 if you are interested in Remote Testing.

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