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Tutoring by Appointment: THIS SERVICE IS FOR FRESHMEN ONLY! The Tutoring Center provides tutoring by appointment during fall and spring semesters.  To use this program, freshmen must first meet with their academic counselor to discuss which classes they need appointments for and how many sessions will be needed.  A contractual agreement will be made between the student and the advisor, outlining the details of their commitment. Once this step has been completed, the student may submit an online request to schedule an appointment.

Weekly assigned tutoring is for students who are willing to commit to being tutored, at least, two hours every week. This option gives students the advantage of meeting with the same tutor throughout the semester. Students may request appointments in two subjects.

If additional support is needed, please visit the tutoring center during its normal hours of operation. 

IMPORTANT! Research indicates that students need to work with a tutor seven to twelve hours per semester in order to see a significant difference in course grade. Depending on the course and your level of preparation, you may need to spend more hours with a tutor.

Attending Scheduled Tutoring Sessions

Students with scheduled appointments are expected to arrive on time, to be prepared for the session, to participate actively, and to stay for the entire prearranged session time.

  • Per their contractual agreement, students are expected to notify the Tutoring Center in advance if they cannot make an appointment. Students will accrue one no-show for each of the following: failing to notify the center by the predetermined time that they will not attend a session; not arriving to a session; arriving more than 5 minutes late to a session more than twice; coming unprepared more than once.
  • Two cumulative “no-shows” in tutoring by appointment may result in the loss of privileges to use this service for the remainder of the semester.  Furthermore, conditional approval must then be received from the coordinator of the Tutoring Center to use this program in future semesters.

Other Considerations

ALL students are encouraged to discuss their individual needs during their appointment with their assigned tutor. You may also consider other time commitments when scheduling tutorial sessions.

Understanding These Policies

  • Students who violate any of these aforementioned policies and procedures may be denied the privilege of individual tutoring at any point in the semester.
  • Any questions regarding the policies and procedures should be directed to the coordinator at or 936-261-1561.


You are considered a FIRST TIME USER if you are a student who has not utilized any of the services offered at the Learning Curve in a previous semester.  FIRST TIME USERS must register at the Kiosk in the Learning Curve. The main office is located on the third floor of the John B. Coleman Library in room 307F. 

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