Teryn Perkins

Teryn Perkins shares her experienceTeryn Perkins shares her experience…

In high school, mathematics was my favorite subject. Math was my first passion, but when I became a biology major, I discovered that I possessed both an innate ability and a passion for science, which I truly enjoyed. It is interesting learning more about life’s processes, and I like the challenging in-depth knowledge that is required of a future medical professional.
My favorite course in undergrad has been Anatomy/Physiology. Learning of the numerous homeostatic imbalances and diseases that can result has given me a greater appreciation for medicine and the science of the human body. As a future physician, I anticipate helping to alleviate some of these problems in order to help return this delicate system to its normal balance.
I am a member of the following national organizations: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Minority Association of Pre-medical Students, Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honor Society, and Beta Kappa Chi National Scientific Honor Society. As a student in the Undergraduate Medical Academy (UMA) and the Honors Program at Prairie View A&M University, I learned Mandarin Chinese and have also had the opportunity to travel and study-abroad in China.
Dr. Quincy C. Moore III, Microbiologist/Professor at PVAMU, allowed me to work in his lab to perform research on the role of Streptococcus pneumoniae keratitis in mice. I also performed bioinformatics genome sequencing of Drosophila ananassae through the Washington University in St. Louis Genomics Education Partnership with Prairie View A&M University.
I chose to attend Prairie View A&M University mainly because of the Undergraduate Medical Academy. The UMA provides mentorship, advising, MCAT preparatory courses and materials, medical school visits and conferences. The UMA goes above and beyond in order to provide its students with the tools essential for excelling in a medical career. The Undergraduate Medical Academy has been very instrumental in my pre-medical education.
Upon graduation in May 2014, I will enter Texas Tech University Health Science Center as a medical student in the Class of 2018.

I am thankful for the Undergraduate Medical Academy and their continual support. I highly recommend Prairie View A&M University and the Undergraduate Medical Academy to any student who wishes to go into medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine. The experiences which I have gained here are ones that I would not have been able to obtain at any other institution. The staff here is truly committed to student success, clearly in line with the motto “Prairie View Produces Productive People.”