Gabrielle Broussard

Gabrielle Broussard Gabrielle Broussard shares her experience…

I could remember it like it was yesterday, clutching on to my mother’s leg in the freshman parking lot begging her not to leave for home without me. Freshman Move – In Day was extremely tough; it was my first time being away from home and life suddenly became scary. However, that scary moment in life didn’t last long, five years later and I am a graduating senior of Prairie View A&M University with a bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology minor in Chemistry.
For the past five years, there hasn’t been a day where I’ve driven on to campus and became stunned by the bucolic beauty of my University, one that is worth waking up for every 8am class that I’ve ever taken during my undergraduate career. At this institution is where I’ve made lifelong friends, lasting networks and professor that care about my future. When I attend class, I’m attending a classroom surrounded by my family. This has not only served as my home away from home but also enhanced my performance within the classrooms. The rich history behind Prairie View is remarkable, I’m proud to attend a HBCU that just a little over a century ago; was once named Alta Vista Plantation which housed slaves. By 1876 Alta Vista Plantation transitioned to the first state supported college of African American students formally named “Alta Vista Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas Colored Youth”. Present day, the beautiful 1,388 acres of land is what I know and love as Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical University; Prairie View will forever hold a place in my heart.
During my duration at PV, I was exposed to many learning experiences which couldn’t have been presented to me in any better way or at any other institution. With hard work and faith, I was able to achieve every year, Honor Roll and Deans list status which also opened doors to many Scholarships. In addition to those achievements, I became an academic member of the Undergraduate Medical Academy. The only Medical Academy in Texas established at Prairie View A&M in 2004. The UMA is an academic and professional society serving students with career paths in the Medical fields specifically Doctors of Dental Surgery, Veterinary Medicine and Medical Doctors. I have also served as a leader within my organization serving as the President of the Pre-Veterinarian Medical club, an active member of The Livestock Show Team, community service chair of the Pre-Optometry Club, PVAMU Calf Show Team and many other organizations. Summer 2013, I was rewarded the blessing in participating in The South Africa Experience Cape Town to study the period of apartheid of South African History. While in South Africa, I have visited historical sites such as; Table Mountain, Roben Island, Stellenbosch University and Winery, Townships and Orphanages and the Amy Biel Foundation to provide mission work during our stay. Following my distant learning in South Africa, I participated in an internship at Michigan State University for Pre-veterinarian Students. Lastly, putting forth hard work and dedication to earn my Degree in Biology, I have also been accepted to Tuskegee University School of Veterinarian Medicine. The Undergraduate Medical Academy, my professors, hard work and most importantly my faith has allowed me to achieve the first stage in fulfilling my dream.
I am a living testimony of Prairie View “Producing Productive People”. However, I do not stand alone in this victory; I am graduating with classmates that are pursuing and have been accepted into prestigious medical, dental, and pharmacy schools as well as competitive graduate program. I give my highest recommendation to any student interested in or considering continuing their education at an institution of higher learning at Prairie View A&M.