Establishing an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (IEP) in the College of Business

The IEP will include a revised curriculum, learning labs, and supporting activities. The rationale for building the IEP is to provide business and non-business majors with a structured, innovation-based curriculum that is linked to an experiential learning environment in which they can develop their business ideas. Students enrolled in IEP coursework will be required to utilize the lab to enhance their learning experience. Through the IEP, students will: (1) gain hands-on experience in the implementation of their business ideas and become familiar with the process of commercializing business ideas; (2) broaden their business network and better understand the power of teams through peer and industry collaborations; and (3) learn how to evaluate funding strategies and develop real-world strategies for growing new ventures.

Contact :

Lawrence McNeil, Assistant Professor,  Management & Marketing

Office:   Nathelyne Kennedy Architecture Building – Rm 229C
Phone:   936.261.9217