Prairie View A&M University Academic and Leadership Training Laboratory

This activity proposes to create the “Prairie View A&M Academic and Leadership Training Laboratory”. The laboratory will provide training for individuals and groups in faculty, professional staff and leadership positions. Academic training will guide faculty in developing and strengthening interdisciplinary programs as “Communities of Excellence”. The laboratory will also be assessable to faculty and leadership from members of the K-12 partnerships established for the university. Additionally the laboratory will embrace training programs offered by the Office of Human Resources. These trainings will not only target faculty, staff and management and leadership but also equip students with skills needed as student employees and beyond. Training will be provided on multiple platforms including but not limited to face to face, small and large group, technical and virtual. The training will be documented by creating a resource manual for publication that will include training opportunities and documentaries on the training provided by the laboratory.


Laurette Blakey Foster, Ed.D.

Professor, Mathematics

Director, Center for Teaching Excellence


Phone: (936) 261-3533

Fax :




William Rohrman, Jr.

Manager, Human Resources


Phone: (936) 261-1794