Advancing Research through Technology (ART)

Research is a critical focus of the higher education environment. Investments in infrastructure, personnel, and training are essential to enable a collaborative and productive environment that will lead to innovative and competitive research programs at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU).  It is, therefore, the purpose of this activity to design intentional and structured strategies for improving research and increasing research funding.

Research development services bridge the administrative and faculty gaps that may be barriers to securing research funding.  As such, PVAMU’s research development services will be forward-thinking to accomplish one main goal: increase the number and competitiveness of proposals. This will be done by training, establishing new support resources, increasing and by updating access to resources and compliance measures.  Ideally, this will increase the number of participants pursuing research initiatives at the faculty and undergraduate level. The approach requires investment in research development infrastructure, faculty development, and enhancement of compliance resources and undergraduate research.

The infrastructure needs include training in compliance, research development, dissemination and evaluation practices, and administration as well as mechanisms to increase access by providing online resources and branding opportunities for our staff and faculty.  By investing in our infrastructure, the Office of Research will increase their ability to serve the faculty, increase the visibility and capability of our diverse research programs, and enable more and higher quality proposals.  This strategy will result in increased external funding from sponsors and agencies.  Faculty training will be multifaceted (grantsmanship, academic publishing, capability statements, strategic plans, branding, compliance, and more as gaps in knowledge are revealed.) and implemented in a phased approach.



Karen Cotton

Manager of Marketing, Research, and Communication


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