University Scholars Program

University Scholars Program

student receiving adviceActivity Overview

The University Honors Program (also referred to as the University Scholars Program) is designed to benefit all eligible undergraduate students. The Program responds to the national need for more graduate and professional level researchers, practitioners and faculty in all fields. Upon college graduation, honors students will be prepared to pursue study at highly competitive academic institutions and assume leadership roles in their professions and society at-large. The Program’s anticipated activities include providing students with opportunities to participate in lectures, seminars, research leading to publication, preparation for graduate and professional schools examinations and colloquia designed to enhance exposure to various disciplines.

Major Outcomes

  • USP Brown Bag Symposia for the PVAMU campus community, a monthly activity to promote dialogue and enhance knowledge about selected topics including financial management, critical thinking, the political process, gender issues and higher education.

  • Undergraduate Student Research Forum. Dr. Raul Cuero, Distinguished Professor of Microbiology facilitated the activity which included laboratory orientation, and roundtable discussion. Participants received written information about various research opportunities around the country.

  • Academic lectures featuring such speakers as Dr. Cornel West, Mr. Julian Bond, Ms. Nikki Giovanni and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

  • Campus-wide Student Research Poster and Creative Art Display. Awards given in three categories: Division I: Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences Research Posters; Division II: Education, Social Sciences and Business Research Posters; Division III: Sculptures, Drawings, Music, Constructed Models, etc. PVAMU faculty judged the entries.

  • GRE Preparation Seminars each semester conducted by The Princeton Review.

  • Established a computer laboratory for use by University Scholars members. Computers contain software to assist students with preparation for graduate exams.

  • Facilitated the University’s CLEP/AP Program by receiving and processing student CLEP/AP transcripts to assist students in attaining appropriate University credit for CLEP and AP exams.

  • Arranged for 39 semester credit hours of honors coursework to be offered based on student enrollment needs beginning in spring 2006. Academic areas included Economics, English, Finance, History, Math, Computer Information Systems, Political Science, Psychology and Chemistry.

Impact on the University

  • Broadened individuals’ exposure to intellectually enhancing activities such as lectures, academic seminars, and academic researchers. Provided an avenue for students to be involved in scholarly discussions and activities about diverse topics. Provided students opportunities to gain training and experience in conducting research and presenting research findings that prepared them to be more competitive and successful in graduate and professional schools.

  • Facilitate the offering of honors sections as part of the honors curriculum that would benefit students by providing more in-depth study of subject matter and enhancing their critical thinking skills to prepare students better for the type of educational experiences they may have in graduate and professional schools and in their careers.