PVAMU School of Architecture (SOA) Applied Research and Design Center Program

The goal of this activity is to enhance the quality of the School of Architecture’s educational programs by engaging students in a collaborative environment where they respond to the needs and changes of local and regional communities. Through this activity, the School of Architecture will provide students with valuable real-world client-based design experiences as well as prepare them for significant roles as practitioners, developers, and leaders in the community. This activity will encompass two areas: Architecture and Digital Media Arts.

The primary objective of the Architecture component is to offer students a comprehensive learning experience through infusion of engagement and an experience-based curriculum.  By engaging students in real-world design problems with actual constraints and consequences, they will be better prepared to deal with similar situations as professionals. Furthermore, the School of Architecture will be able to assist local and regional communities and other groups seeking documentation and design services for their historic preservation as well as restoration/renovation projects.


Song, Yunsik, Visiting Assistant Professor, Digital Media Coordinator, Architecture

Email address: yusong@pvamu.edu
Location: Nathelyne A. Kennedy Architecture and Art Bldg; Rm. 213
Office Number: 936-261-9818