Networking and Enterprise Solutions for Hands-on Student Learning in the College of Business

The College of Business at Prairie View A&M University would like to give students more hands-on learning on hardware and software enterprise solutions: (1) a networking lab with laptops, and (2) enterprise software (SAP). Regarding networking, students will have access in a lab to laptops and communications hardware in business courses to learn about networking, IT security, and ecommerce. Regarding enterprise solutions, SAP enterprise resource planning software will be integrated into business courses to give students real-life implementations of enterprise software across all business disciplines.

The first part of the activity will create a hardware lab environment that will expose students to real-life hands-on learning and implementations of real-world network configuration and troubleshooting scenarios. The equipment will be used by students in business courses: Data Communications, Special Topics: IT Security, and Ecommerce.

The second part of the activity will train students to implement real-life enterprise-wide software solutions, enterprise resource planning, into the business curriculum, to showcase how companies integrate different business functions, such as technology, accounting, etc. in their operations, via SAP software. The primary aim would be to understand the role of enterprise systems in today’s organizations with the practical exercises. The courses which will integrate SAP will span the business curriculum with initial emphasis on MIS Special Topics, Strategy and Policy, Production Operations, Accounting Information Systems, with additional courses later on in information systems, accounting, management, etc.

Contact :

Emmanuel U. Opara, Associate Professor – Accounting, Finance & MIS

Office:   Hobart Taylor Building – Rm 2C223
Phone:   936.261.9261