Faculty and Professional Staff Development

Faculty and Professional Staff Development

Activity Overview

Prairie View A&M University, a state supported, 1890 institution with a mission focused on teaching, research and service, implemented a Title III activity devoted to faculty and professional staff development. This activity was designed to expand the awareness of best practices, enhance in and out of class teaching strategies, and provide the latest technologies available for instructional purposes to the Prairie View A&M faculty and professional staff.

Activity Outcomes

Over the last three years, this activity has provided support for many faculty members to participate in on and off-campus faculty development activities. Those activities have included specific content professional development workshops as well as pedagogy workshops that span the disciplines. Trainings provided through these activities provided the necessary tools to incorporate new instructional strategies and improve on those currently used. On-campus trainings were done in individual and small and large group settings. A series of webinars were provided with follow up conversations on selected topics. Professional staff attended software training workshops and selected staff attended off-campus professional development workshops

The following specific activities were implemented or improved to change to culture of faculty participation and interaction:

  • A Faculty Development Advisory Board which included representatives from the faculty and professional staff audience
  • Support for semester Faculty Sabbaticals
  • Support for faculty to attend professional workshops off campus
  • New Faculty Orientation Seminars
  • Growth Plans for faculty with minimum evaluation results
  • A Prairie View Faculty Development Reading Circle. Books such as Assessment Techniques by Angelo and Cross, What Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain and Good to Great by Jim Collins.
  • “Experts in Residence” Workshops that highlighted our own.
  • Webinars on selected topics
  • Increase use of technology in the classroom across the campus to include a “Smart Training Room”.

Additional plans are in place to continue to improve and increase the available faculty and professional staff development activities. A website is being developed to highlight on-going activities and to request needs as identified thru surveys.

Activity Impact

To summarize the impact and outcome of this activity, faculty participation in faculty development activities increased over 50% percent each year during the three year period. Sabbatical participation increased by 200% each year and the use of technology showed a 100% usage of all equipment available.