Enhancing Political Science Classroom Instruction through a Smart Classroom

Prairie View A&M University has embarked upon an aggressive program to promote technology in the classroom in order to enhance curriculum instruction and improve student learning. This proposed activity, installing a smart classroom in the Woolfolk Building where many political science and other social science courses are taught, will address some elements of that educational strategy.

Through use of these technology instruments, the Political Science faculty will be able to: 1) revise their Political Science Program to include more Internet- and video-based training of students; and; 2) update their individual syllabi to include more active-learning exercises for the students.  Furthermore, this activity will enable students to augment their educational experiences through: 1) intensified interactions with the global community; and 2) increased active-learning opportunities.

Contact :

Dr. Michael Nojeim
BA POSC Program Coordinator,Associate Professor
Phone : 936-261-3213