Enhancing Alumni Engagement through the Establishment of an On-Campus Call Center

Nationally, alumni giving rates to colleges and universities hover around 22 percent; however, at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), the percentages tumble dramatically – 9 percent for private institutions and 5 to 7 percent for public schools. Currently, Prairie View’s alumni giving rate stands at 6 percent.

The implementation of a permanent on-campus call center will assist Prairie View A&M University in increasing the level of engagement of its alumni population through increased communication efforts. One of the primary reasons HBCU graduates cite for not staying connected following graduation is the lack luster attempts made by their alma maters to remain in contact. Many indicate that the last time they heard from the institution was commencement day. Consistent communication is critical for maintaining and increasing alumni giving rates, as it keeps former students abreast of new accomplishments such as innovative programs and current events. This information sharing also leads to a greater since of pride in graduates regarding their institution which augments their desire to give back.

Another benefit of a call center is establishing a culture of philanthropy among the current student body as it will introduce the practice and importance of giving. Studies show that alumni giving percentages at institutions that engage students in charitable and philanthropic activities [throughout their time on campus] are considerably higher than at institutions that do not.

The call center and its many applications, along with the overall plan for increasing alumni involvement, will be an asset for the entire University and allow the institution to achieve its goals much more quickly and effectively.