Educator Preparation

Educator, Preparation, Counseling and Diagnostic (Testing) Laboratory

Activity Overview

In 1981, the State Legislature mandated the Examination for Certification of Educators in Texas (ExCET), later changed to Texas Examination of Educators Standards (TExES), as a legal requirement for educator certification. Funds were requested for the establishment of an Educator Preparation, Counseling and Diagnostics (Testing) Laboratory to assist students preparing for these tests. The purpose of the lab was to familiarize examinees with the educators’ standards, domain and competencies related to each test, test formats and provide pertinent study resources in all content areas.

The goals of the Educator Preparation, Counseling and Diagnostic (Testing) Laboratory were:

To maintain accreditation status for the College for Education

To improve the rate of program completers on the ExCET/TExES by 5%

Activity Outcomes

Since the inception, of the lab the University has met the minimum initial State requirement of 70% and the final State requirement of 80% on the TExES test. A summary of the scores is as follows; in 2002-2003 the scores were 89% and 85% respectively; 2003-2004, 82 and 94% respectively, 2004-2005 82% and 82%; and 2005-2006 76% and 87% respectively.

In order to further improve the rate of success on the ExCET/TExES tests, consultants conducted at least one review session in Principal, Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities, Generalist, Superintendent, Counseling and Special Education before each scheduled TExES test to review test-taking strategies and techniques for the TExES domains and competencies

Activity Impact

The lab has enhanced students’ test taking skills

The lab has provided the ideal environment for students and faculty to prepare for the ExCET/TExES test

It has enabled the University to surpass both the initial and final State requirement for the test.