Research, scholarly and creative activities are a major component of the higher educational environment.  Research/discovery, along with teaching/learning and service/engagement represent three major elements of the University environment. The relevance of the foci within each element and accountability for the effectiveness of the work in the major elements undergird continuation/discontinuation of the higher educational environment.

Research and graduate study are critically connected as significantly inseparable activities.  Research is one critical measure in the performance expectations for graduate faculty and is often measured by graduate student learning outcomes as demonstrated through collaborative student research production.  The intended graduate student learning outcome in research focuses on presentation of varied artifacts that document the knowledge and skills to effectively identify a problem and plan and implement the production of research and scholarly activities as evidence of the ability to move from research consumer to research producer.  Faculty research producers refine their knowledge and skills during the process of engaging graduate students in the art and science of research and scholarly production.  The ultimate performance goal for both faculty and the graduate student is publication and/or presentation within the community of scholars in the disciplinary field.

Research within the University is advanced by the collaborative interactions between and among faculty researchers and graduate students. It is therefore the purpose of this activity to provide leadership for strengthening the bond and advancing collaborative work between graduate faculty and students to increase research and scholarly and creative activities at the university.


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