Strengthening the Academic Enhancement Program

Nationwide, developmental education programs provide curriculum and services for entering postsecondary students who are not academically prepared to perform college-level work. Research indicates that the relatively low percentage of students completing developmental classes can be attributed to the length of time these student spend in developmental courses, the lack of connectivity between these developmental courses and the other courses that students are enrolled in, and student’s perceive lack of relationship of many college courses to their goals (Texas Public Policy, 2005; Boylan, 2000). The goal of this activity is to reduce the amount of time students spend in remediation by at least one course and to increase the number of students that are enrolled in developmental mathematics and developmental English that successfully complete College Algebra or Freshman Composition with the grade of “C” or better.


Fifty percent of the students enrolled in ENGL0100 passed the course compared to 35.7% the previous year.

For more information contact the Activity Coordinator: Dr. Cheryle Snead-Greene