Research Infrastructure Development and Enhancement

The average dollar expenditure value of external or sponsored research and sponsored project funds over the past eleven years has been $8.6M (lowest year was $6.1M and highest year was $11M). Concurrently, the state performance measure for the institution for the dollar value of external research dollars has averaged $11M annually. Research infrastructure development and enhancement is essential to building the capacity of the institution to attract external funding for research and sponsored programs and thus move closer to achieving and or exceeding the state performance goal. The overall goal of this activity is to build institutional capacity to attract external support and thus to increase scholarship through research and sponsored program activities.


  • Conducted review of IGRC and provided recommendations to IGRC for scheduled performance review and updates to IACUC guidelines.
  • Conducted abbreviated grant writing workshop as part of the New Faculty Orientation program (Fall and Spring semesters).
  • Developed course content guide for Research Methods courses and began alignment process to foster inclusion of Research Regulatory Compliance guidelines in each course.

For more information contact the Activity Coordinator: Dr. Elizabeth Noel