Pathways to Success

Moving Financial Aid into the 21st Century

More than 95% of our students are awarded a litany of different types of financial aid. In order to improve the performance of financial aid and adhere to best practices at the university, technology must be applied to almost every facet of the organization. Additional training is also desperately needed to improve the level of service that students have come to expect when attending an institution of higher education. This activity will focus upon ‘serving students beyond their expectations’ and thereby, improve student academic success, as well as, concomitantly increasing recruitment, retention and graduation rates.


  • Technology and software were upgraded to streamline services.
  • Awarded students and transmitted the data to the U.S. Department of Education within five days of notice.
  • By August 18, 2008, the Financial Aid Office had awarded $70 million dollars in aid as opposed to $63 million dollars on August 18, 2007.
  • By August 29, 2008, the Treasury Services had mailed roughly $9 million dollars compared to approximately $6 million dollars in August 2007.