Enhancing Written Communication Skills

Enhancing Written Communication Skills through a Writing Center

A Writing Center merges two important theoretical perspectives on writing instruction:

  1. that writing is most usefully viewed as a process, and,
  2. that writing needs be student-centered, not faculty centered. That is, a Writing Center is not a response to faculty needs, or a substitution for faculty teaching.

The goal for establishing a Writing Center is to serve all students on campus by creating an environment where we replace the hierarchical model of teachers and students with a collaborative model of co-learners engaged in a shared activity of intellectual work.


  • Hired and trained six graduate and undergraduate tutors.
  • Conducted 959 thirty- to forty-minute conferences for students across campus in all disciplines. 213 of those 959 consultations were return visits.
  • Established a return rate of 22% for FY08. Expanded services on Saturday in the College of Education in September 2008.
For more information contact the Activity Coordinator: Dr. James Palmer
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