Development of Mixed-Signal Systems

Development of Mixed-Signal Systems, DSP Solutions and Engineering Technology Advanced Research Laboratories in the Engineering Technology Department

The advent of the computer and related information technologies has revolutionized most of the industrial processes in recent years. The current trend is to combine analog circuit with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) on a single semiconductor die, and the resulting integrated circuit is called mixed signal system. To keep up with these fast developing technologies, industry demands for entry-level engineers/technologists in the fields of DSP and Mixed-Signal systems are tremendous. The purpose of this activity is to create Mixed Signal Systems, DSP Solutions, and Engineering Technology Advanced Research Laboratories that will support the development of new technology courses and the preparation of our students for graduate school and the workforce.


  • A Mixed Signal Systems laboratory was established.
  • The Mixed Signal Systems curriculum was developed.
  • Two Mixed Signal Systems courses were taught for the first time in Fall 2008.

  For more information contact the Activity Coordinator: Dr. Cajetan Akujuobi