A virtual Reality Infrastructure

A Virtual Reality Infrastructure for Enhancing Undergraduate Math Teaching and Learning

To address the high failure rate in some of the basic but crucial undergraduate mathematics courses, a team from diversified areas of the institution plan to establish a Virtual Reality Laboratory. Mastery of abstract mathematics concepts requires students to build mental models about phenomena that often must incorporate invisible factors that represent intangible concepts, items, and abstractions. A Virtual Reality learning environment uses 3D technologies to allow the creation, simulation, interaction and visualization of 3D representations of abstract data, events, and concepts that have no physical form in the real physical world. It allows students to interact with the 3D models, manipulate parameters and immediately observe the results, and take on different points of view in real-time.


  • Established a virtual reality laboratory to enhance math teaching and learning.
  • Math modules were developed for field testing that will take place during the Spring 2009 semester.

For more infraction contact the Activity Coordinator: Dr. Jian-Ao Lian