Current Students

Complete These Steps Prior to Seeing Your Advisor

  1.  Check the General Student Information tab in PantherTracks to see if you have a minor declared. The General Student Information tab shows your major, minor, faculty advisor and catalog year. If you do not have a minor, you need to have one started during your second year at PVAMU. See the Division staff to get the Change of Major/Minor form to declare your minor.
  2. Go to PV Place and check your transcript. Fill out the degree plan to the best of your ability. Note: Grades of a “C” or higher are needed to satisfy requirements for ENGL 1123, MATH 1113 (for some majors), foreign languages and your major and minor requirements. Note:  POSC Majors and Minors will need a C or higher in POSC 1113 and POSC 1123 to be enrolled in upper level courses.
  3. Check Panthertracks for holds. Resolve all holds and any due balances. TSI holds must be resolved before registering. You must go to the TSI office in Delco 137 to resolve any holds. Note: This may involve registering for certain developmental courses. The phone number for the TSI office is (936) 261-3610.
  4. Make an appointment to visit with your academic advisor prior to early registration. The degree plan has the contact information for the coordinator of the program, as well as the faculty advisors.
  5. Go to PV Place and check what courses are available. See and go to “Current Classes”. Find courses within your major that you are interested in taking. Make sure to take the required classes when they are offered, because they may not be offered every semester or every year. Your advisor can help with these scheduling issues.
  6. Write the CRN & course information on the Registration & Special Approval form. Visit with your advisor and finalize your schedule. Your advisor will give you your alternative PIN only after you have filled out the Registration & Special Approval form.
  7. If you lose your Alternative Pin, you will only get a new one if you have a signed registration form.
  8. See a Division staff member in WOOL 102 or Banks 224 if you have questions.

Steps for Graduation

  1. Go speak with your academic advisor to go over your degree plan during your senior year.  Your catalog year is the year that you entered PVAMU and you are bound by that catalog year, unless you apply to change your year.  This may cause you to have different requirements if you apply for a more recent catalog year.
  2. Make sure you have a minor declared (if appropriate) and all transcripts in from courses taken off campus or at other institutions.
  3. Meet graduation date deadlines.  This are critical.  (See:  Academic Calendars)
  4. In the semester you to graduate, check for financial or other types of holds and resolve these quickly.
  5. Complete the graduation checklist from the University Registrar.
  6. Get a final audit from your advisor and apply for graduation and pay the fee.  (If you apply without talking to your advisor or an Division staff member and are disapproved, this could cause you additional fees to graduate.)
  7. Complete all classes with a C or higher in your senior year.
2013 Graduates

2013 Division Graduates