Political Science

Mission: The Political Science Program is committed to superior teaching, research and service. The Political Science Program prepares graduates to pursue graduate studies or seek admission to law school while also preparing them for the competitive job market in both the private and public sectors. Featuring well-published scholars specializing in the dominant areas of the discipline and who are active in research and service, the Program provides the curriculum for the Bachelors of Arts in Political Science.

Graduates in Political Science should be able to demonstrate critical thinking and cognitive skills through competence in oral and written communication. The Program serves a clientele that enrolls in its courses to meet Core curriculum requirements, major and minor requirements, and the elective needs of students who are interested in political issues, international events, and the public policy making process at all levels of government.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students can explain the terms, principles, theories and approaches used to understand and explain phenomena in political science.
  2. Students can explain the institutions and processes involved in the administration and implementation of public policy.
  3. Students can write a properly researched, documented and formatted research paper or produce an oral presentation on topics pertinent to political science.
  4. Students can demonstrate critical thinking skills regarding major theories and issues in international relations.
  5. Students can demonstrate and apply knowledge of constitutional and legal principles regarding major domestic issues.

Banner for the Political Science Program at PVAMU.

College Democrats and POSC Majors attend the TX Legislative Black Caucus Meeting.

College Democrats and POSC Majors attending the Texas Black Legislative Caucus Meeting in Austin, Texas.

Potential career opportunities are limitless.  Students in our program have gone on to careers in law, campaign management, city management/planning, non-profit management, international service, business, and education.  For more information on career opportunities, see the APSA Website.

For more information on the Political Science Program, contact any Political Science/Government instructor or come visit Dr. Michael Nojeim in 303 Woolfolk. Call 936-261-3213 for an appointment.

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