Legal Studies

The Legal Studies minor is administered by the Political Science Program within the Division of Social Work, Behavioral and Political Sciences and is supported by faculty from other academic areas.

The Legal Studies minor is interdisciplinary and prepares students for work in the legal field (e.g., paralegal or law clerk), or post baccalaureate education in the law. The minor requires 18 semester credit hours.  POSC 2143 Legal Studies and PHIL 2303 Critical Thinking are required.  The remaining 12 hours may be selected from the courses listed herein with no more than 6 SCH coming from any one discipline.

Upon completion of the program, Legal Studies minors will have:

  • Broad knowledge of the distinct roles played by different actors (judges, legislatures,   lawyers, reporters, litigants, voters, etc.) within legal systems.
  • Broad knowledge of social science theories of law, and of the way different disciplines understand and approach the study of law.
  • Clear understanding of the difference between the profession of law and the empirical study of law.
  • Familiarity with key jurisprudential concepts and theories.
  • Familiarity with global and comparative perspectives in law.
  • Familiarity with law’s relationship to institutional and organizational structure and change.
  • Familiarity with the relationship of law and inequality.
  • Familiarity with legal rhetoric, argument, communication skills  (Adapted from Northwestern Legal Studies Department 2015)

For more information contact any of the following members of the Political Science faculty or read the Legal Studies Minor Brochure.  To sign up for the Legal Studies Minor, please visit Room 102 in the Woolfolk Building.  What can I do with a minor in Legal Studies?


Dr. Billy Monroe 
Political Science Faculty and Pre-Law Advisor

Dr. Angelia Jones
Political Science Faculty and Legal Studies Instructor

Dr. Michael Nojeim
Political Science Program Coordinator