Minors and Special Programs

Faculty in the Division offer several popular minors.  A minor is required by most majors within the Brailsford College of Arts and Sciences and other academic disciplines on campus.  An academic “minor” is a structured set of courses to allow enhanced study of a specific area.  Minors are meant to enhance the bachelor’s degree or allow for more focused study or specialization. If you are interested in pursuing one of the minors listed below, please visit Woolfolk 102 for more information or call 936-261-3209.  You will require a Change of Minor Form and a signature from the Division Head.  Information on the required courses for each minor can be found in the most recent course catalog.

African American Studies (18 credits)

  • The African American Studies minor is interdisciplinary and provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the African American influence on the social, political, cultural, and intellectual development of America.  The minor requires 18 semester credit hours. HIST 4213 African American History I and HIST 4223 African American History II are required courses.

Behavioral and Political Sciences (18 credits)

  • The Division offers a minor in Behavioral and Political Science designed to provide a sound understanding of the basic concepts, assumptions, research methods, and techniques used in the social sciences. Any course taken for their minor may not be used to satisfy other requirements such as a core curriculum requirement or a major or minor requirement. Any combination of 18 semester credit hours with no more than six hours in any one discipline will constitute an integrated social science minor.
  • Any courses from CRJS, ECON, GEOG, HIST, POSC, PSYC, and SOCG may be used to fulfill the minor requirements.  Other disciplines may be considered for substitution upon consultation with the Division Head.

Geography Minor (21 credits)

  • The Geography minor is designed to give students a broad perspective of geography, including technical expertise in Geographic Information Systems.  GEOG 1113 Introduction to Geography, GEOG 1223 Introduction to Physical Geography, GEOG 2743 Geography of Africa and GEOG 3723 World Regional Geography are required courses to fulfill this minor requirement.  The remaining nine hours may be taken from any Geography elective.  Consult with the Division Head for more information.

History Minor (18 credits)

  • The minor in History introduces students to the systematic study and appreciation of the past to enhance knowledge of contemporary issues.  Students focus on writing, research, and critically evaluating evidence.  HIST 1813 World Civilization I, HIST 1823 World Civilization II, HIST 2313 US History 1492-1832, and HIST 4903 Senior Research are required courses.  The remaining six credits may be taken from any of the HIST electives.  Students interested in teaching, legal studies, public service, or public history are encouraged to add this minor.

Legal Studies Minor (18 credits)

  • The Legal Studies minor is interdisciplinary and prepares students for work in the legal field (e.g., paralegal or law clerk), or post baccalaureate education in the law. The minor requires 18 semester credit hours.  POSC 2143 Legal Studies and PHIL 2303 Critical Thinking are required.  The remaining 12 hours may be selected from the courses listed below with no more than 6 SCH coming from any one discipline.  Courses may not be used to satisfy multiple academic requirements such as core curriculum requirement, major or other minor requirements.

Political Science Minor (18 credits)

  • The Political Science minor focuses on introducing students to the methods of political research to enhance understanding of larger policy questions and political phenomena.  The two required courses are POSC 2133 Introduction to Political Science and POSC 2413 Scope and Methods.  The minor allows for a great deal of specialization.  Students may choose to focus on public service, legal, or international relations.

Sociology Minor (18 credits)

  • The Sociology minor introduces students to the study of human interaction ranging from small groups to entire societies.  The minor focuses on applying theory to developing practical solutions to social problems.  The required courses are SOCG 1013 Introduction to Sociology and SOCG 4733 Social Theory.  The remaining courses may be taken from any SOCG course.  Students may choose courses in criminology, gerontology, substance abuse, the family, deviant behavior, and modern social problems.

Social Work Minor (18 credits)

  • A minor in Social Work is offered solely for student’s learning in the area of social services and prepares students for solving practical problems relating to social services, social policy, and working with disenfranchised people. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) does not accept a minor in social work as adequate preparation for entry level social work practice; neither does a minor in social work qualify students to take state licensure examinations.  SOWK 2113 Introduction to Social Work, SOWK 3113 Social Welfare Policy, SOWK 3133 Human Behavior and Social Environment, and SOWK 4123 Social Work Practice I are required courses.  Students may chose any other SOWK course to fill the remaining 6 credits.