Tschaepe, Mark Ph.D.

Dr. Tschaepe received his PhD in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale in 2008. His areas of specialty include philosophy of science, epistemology, and applied ethics. He has published on a range of topics in philosophy, including scientific explanation, education, bioethics, and both continental and American philosophy. Dr. Tschaepe’s current work pertains to guessing as a part of inquiry, explanatory virtues, and implicit values of hypotheses, especially within epidemiology.

Dr. Tschaepe has a background in a wide variety of disciplines, including philosophy, neuroscience, and public health. In his Ethics classes students are not only introduced to standard theories of Western philosophy, but also to African philosophy. In addition, many of the exercises and readings deal directly with science and medicine, especially as these issues relate to African Americans. In his Critical Thinking classes students learn how to use basic logical tools in order to improve their thinking, which includes their reading comprehension, listening skills, and writing. These classes include examples from epidemiology that help the students analyze real-world arguments that are relevant to all persons and are especially helpful to those students entering nursing, medicine, biology, social work, health and nutrition, political science, sociology, agriculture, and education.

Apart from teaching at PVAMU, Dr. Tschaepe is Expert Liaison Officer for AIDS Foundation — Houston and serves as Board Director. He also is a regular guest speaker at Baylor College of Medicine, where he presents strategies for medical students to overcome and fight discrimination toward people living with HIV. Dr. Tschaepe is part of a research group focusing on medical information therapy that is working out of Stellenbosch University in South Africa.