McGriggs, Lee Ph.D.

Lee Augustus McGriggs is a native of Port Gibson,
Mississippi.  He graduated from Addison
High School with honors in 1964.  During his matriculation at Addison High School he was a member of the National Honor Society and the 4-H Club. In August, 1964, he enrolled at
Jackson State University with a major in history and a minor in political science. While attending Jackson State University, he was a member of the Social Science club. He graduated from
Jackson State University with honors in 1967 and pursued graduate studies in history and political science at Tennessee State University after six months of employment in the United States Postal System. In June, 1969, he graduated with honors from Tennessee State University.  Lee Augustus McGriggs was a member of the history and political science faculty at Alabama A&M University during the 1969-71 academic years. He enrolled in the doctoral program at the University of Illinois in August, 1971. During his matriculation at the University of Illinois, he was a participant in the Illinois General Assembly Internship program.  Upon completion of his doctoral coursework and the comprehensive examination, he was employed as a curriculum development specialist in the Illinois Office of Education.  Lee Augustus McGriggs was awarded the doctoral degree in political science on January 15, 1975.

Lee Augustus McGriggs was associate professor of public administration at Texas Southern University from January, 1975 to December, 1998.  He was also instructor of Political science
Lone Star College from 1979 to 1998 and the University of Saint Thomas from 2000 to 2002. Dr. McGriggs joined the political science faculty at Prairie View A&M University in August 2002. His teaching specializations are:  American government and politics, public administration, public policy, black politics, the legislative process and political theory.

Dr. McGriggs is the author of the following books:  The Odyssey of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil Rights, Politics and Public Policy, Black Legislative Politics In Illinois: A Theoretical and Structural Analysis and Anthology of Classical Political Theory.  His published articles include:  Race and Democracy, Democracy and the Corporate State, The Politics of Black, The Legacy of Brown, Scope and Methods of Black Politics and Race and Suffrage: A Compendium of Constitutions, Statues and Judicial Decisions from 1865 to 1910.