Construction of Affordable Housing Community Center, Renovation Project Lighthouse Word Church The Lighthouse Word Church is committed to working with the Hempstead Community. Currently the Lighthouse Word Church would like to convert a building located downtown into a Youth Center.  The renovation project will provide experience to Prairie View A&M University Architecture students, as well as provide the needed services to the community members. The church also has 13 lots and they are interested in having Prairie View A&M University assist them in constructing affordable houses. CURES ROLE: Assist with documentation and the design phase. Faculty Advisor/Professor: Mr. Brad McCorkle Architect: Mr. Chris Barbosa Hempstead, Texas

Main Street Renovation Project Waller, Texas The Chamber of Commerce in Waller, Texas has contacted the CURES Center to assist them with the renovation of Main Street. The project will provide our students with hands on experience and the renovation will assist the local residents. The Chamber of Commerce would also like to work on the greenbelt along the railroad tracks that leads to downtown Waller. CURES ROLE: Provide a design and documentation for the renovation projects. Faculty Advisor/Professor: Mr. Brad McCorkle Architect: Mr. Chris Barbosa Main Street – Waller, TX

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