Undergraduate Admissions Information

Admission is open to all qualified individuals in accordance with the policies of Prairie View A&M University.  Application instructions and information for incoming students is completed through the State of Texas Common Application for Freshman Admission available at

For qualified entering freshmen and transfer students, the School of Architecture offers the Architectural Concepts Institute (ACI), a special summer program described in the catalog section, “Summer and International Enrichment Programs.”

Transfer Students
Transfer students from accredited architecture programs or with non-architectural education backgrounds should contact the School of Architecture for information regarding appropriate placement within the curriculum.

Transfer Courses
Students wishing to transfer architecture and/or construction science courses taken at another institution  must provide sufficient evidence of equivalency.  No course with a grade less than a C will be accepted.

Admission to the Programs Overview
During the spring semester of the third year of study, students wishing to pursue the professional degree in architecture will make formal application to that program.  Admission will be determined by grade point average (overall and in architecture), a review of the student portfolio of work and faculty recommendations.  Students admitted to the professional program will complete the Program A: Professional Track, during their senior year and complete a formal application with the Office of Graduate Studies.

Students in the program are required to have their own computer for use in the classroom or studio not later than the start of their sophomore year.  Computer equipment and software must meet with prescribed hardware and software standards.  Computer equipment and software requirements can be found in the following .pdf.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses included in the architecture and construction science degree plan.  In the program, a C is equivalent to a grade of 70-79.  Students may repeat architecture and construction sciences courses only one time for grade replacement purposes.

Program Directors, staff and senior faculty members assist students in career counseling and guidance.  Advisement for course registration is provided by the academic staff and the responsible program director.  The School of Architecture reserves the right to prevent any student who is not eligible for registration from entering a course for reasons such as: unapproved overloads, unapproved repeated courses, lower division-upper division rule infractions, and lack of prerequisites.

The School of Architecture requires an internship with an architecture firm for the Masters of Architecture degree.  Students may also enroll in an internship at the undergraduate level as an elective course.  Students in Construction Science are required to complete two (2) internships.  Architecture students are encouraged to participate in the professional practicum program which offers the opportunity to receive academic credit for such activities as: “study abroad,” completing a semester at another accredited architecture program, or studying in the offices of several leading architectural firms.

Minors are offered in Construction Science and Art.  The students should consult with an architecture advisor and have a Minor Approval Form completed, approved and signed.  A list of recommended courses is available from the advisor.  A minor in construction science consists of 18 semester credit hours.. A minor in Art consists of  18 semester credit hours.  A listing of courses for both minors is provided in this catalog.  At least 9 of the 18 hours must be taken in residence. Grades of C or better are required in each course.


Graduate Admissions Information

All students admitted to the Master of Architecture program must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School of Prairie View A&M University.

1)  Submission of a completed application for admission to the Graduate School.

2)  A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

3)  An official transcript of all college work from the registrar of each college previously attended.

4)  A minimum undergraduate cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75 on a 4.00 grading scale for regular graduate degree status.

5)  Less than 2.75 but a minimum of a 2.45 Grade Point Average on a 4.00 scale for provisional graduate status. Departments may use the last 60 semester hours credit for admitting students ion this category.

6)  Three letters of recommendation from persons in the field of the applicant’s academic major or area of concentration.

7)  Official scores on the Graduate Records Examination.

8)  Recommendation for admission by the department head and dean of the college in which the graduate program applied for is offered and formal acceptance by the dean of the Graduate School.

In addition, for students applying to Programs I and II, the School of Architecture will require submission of a design portfolio for review.

The Master of Architecture degree is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

A complete list of undergraduate and graduate courses can be found in the University Catalog; additional student information can be found in the University Handbook.

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