B.S. Construction Science

The Construction Science Program prepares college graduates for entry-level management positions in the construction industry. The Program is part of the School of Architecture at Prairie View A&M University. Combined with the Architecture and Community Development programs it offers a unique, comprehensive and cooperative approach to the design/build process by aligning all three programs to work together on the virtual and built environment. The school has approximately 400 students enrolled and occupies the internationally published Nathelyne Archie Kennedy Architecture Building.

Construction is one of the largest industries in the U.S. Construction spending $1 trillion dollars each year. Nearly 10 million people are employed in some aspect of construction. Construction is broken down into major sectors: commercial [offices, schools, shopping centers, etc.]; residential [single and multi-family]; highway; industrial [power plants and petrochemical facilities]; and specialty. All of these sectors need new talent and are constantly recruiting college graduates to work in project management, estimating, scheduling, and procurement.

Employment in the construction industry is not just with construction contractors, although contractors in all sectors eagerly recruit college construction graduates with excellent starting salaries. Owners–cities, counties, school districts and state agencies like TXDOT–all have a demand for construction science graduates to manage various aspects of the design/build process. Excellent construction positions are also available with developers, consultants, suppliers and vendors. Many college construction graduates go to work for the industry for several years and then establish their own construction businesses.

The State of Texas is growing 25% faster that the U.S and double its population by 2040. Recent reports indicate that the state will need 3.8 million more residential units and 3 billion SF of non-residential space, replacement of 2.2 million current residences, and renovation of 9.2 billion SF of non-residential space. This will be an economic impact of $3.3 trillion. In fact, one-half of the buildings we will use in 2030, did NOT exist in 2005.

The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that an additional 1,000,000 construction jobs from 2002-2012 (15%↑) will be needed nationwide. This will result in a total employment of employment of 7.8 million jobs and construction will remain among our economy’s top 10 sources of job growth.

A major concern of the Texas Workforce Commission and the Associated General Contractors is the shortage of labor-particularly MANAGEMENT! BLS predicts the need for 47,000 new Construction Manager positions by 2012!

The Construction Science degree is a blend of engineering and design, management, and construction technology.  Students will learn the fundamentals of architectural design and structural, mechanical and civil engineering concepts.  They will also take business courses in accounting, finance, management and law.  Courses in estimating, scheduling, safety and project cost accounting will round out the student’s administrative foundation and prepare the student for entry level management positions.  Each student will also complete two paid an internships  within the industry to gain experience. The degree received is a Bachelor of Science degree and prepares students for future graduate work in a number of career options.

Suggested Degree Program Schedule

First Year – Freshman  (Hours)
First Semester
ARCH 1233 – Visual Communications (3)
ARCH 1253 – Architecture Design I (3)
CONS 1231 – Construction Science Seminar I(1)
ENGL 1123 – Freshman Composition I (3)
HIST 1313 – The U.S. to 1876 (3)
MATH 1124 – Calculus w/ Analytical Geometry I(4)
Total Hours = 17

Second Semester
ARCH 1273 – Intro to Multimedia Computing (3)
CONS 1241- Construction Science Seminar II (1)
ENGL 1143- Technical Writing (3)
POSC 1113- American Government I (3)
PHSC 1123- Physical Science I (3)
PHSC 1121- Physical Science Lab (1)
Total Hours = 14

Second Year – Sophomore
First Semester
ACCT 2113 – Financial Accounting (3)
ARCH 2223 – Computer Aided Design (3)
HIST 1323 – The U.S. 1876 to Present (3)
MATH 2003 – Elementary Statistics (3)
POSC 1123 – American Government II (3)
Total Hours = 15

Second Semester
ARCH 2243 – History and Theory of Architecture and Construction II (3)
ARCH 2273 – Materials & Methods I (3)
ECON 2113 – Principles of Microeconomics (3)
FINA 2203 – Legal Environment (3)
PHSC 2123 – Physical Science II (3)
Natural Science Lab (1)
Total Hours = 16

CONS 4403 – Internship #1 (3)
Total Hours = 3

Third Year – Junior
First Semester
ARCH 3013 – Construction Estimating (3)
ARCH 3294 – Structural Systems I (3)
ARCH 3453 – Environmental Systems (3)
CONS 3533 – Managing Operations (3)
Total Hours = 12

Second Semester
ARCH 3283 – Materials and Methods II (3)
ARCH 3463 – Sustainable Building (3)
ARCH 4433 – Structural Systems II (3)
CONS 3633 – Surveying and Soils (3)
COMM 1003 – Fund of Speech Communications (3)
Total Hours = 15

CONS 4403 – Internship #2 (3)
Total Hours = 3

Fourth Year – Senior
First Semester
CONS 4603- Labor and Safety (3)
CONS 4821- Construction Seminar (1)
MGMT 3103- Principles of Management (3)
CONS 4753 – Scheduling and Cost Control (3)
Capstone Course (3)
Total Hours – 13

Second Semester
CONS 4633 – Law and Ethics (3)
ARCH 4443 – CAD Construction Documents and Codes (3)
CONS 4773 – Project Controls (3)
MGMT 3103 – Principles of Marketing (3)
CONS 4831 – Starting a Construction Business (1)
Total Hours = 13


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