Graduate Certificate(s) Program in Community Development

The School of Architecture under its graduate program in Community Development offers certificate(s) in the following study areas:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Historic Preservation
  • Fundraising
  • Community Planning
  • International Community Development

The purpose for offering graduate certificates is to meet the additional education needs of the community development professional. As jobs responsibilities change due to emerging new markets and demands, additional training or specialized training are often required for many of the other professions. For example, an architect may become involved in the preservation of historic districts or the planning and development of a community; a non-profit executive being involved in fundraising activities; a developer being involved in the development of another country’s infrastructure, etc. Students in the Community Development Master’s Program or any other master’s program have the option to select courses from these study areas to fulfill their elective course requirement. The Community Development Graduate Certificate(s) Program is a set of courses that provides in-depth knowledge in a subject matter. The set of courses are more practice-oriented than the required courses in a graduate academic program.

Certificates in Historic Preservation, Fundraising, International Community Development, Real Estate Development, and Community Planning are awarded after the completion of the program, and must be signed by the program director and/or the Dean of the School of Architecture.

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